Live with YOUR Idea

You have been dreaming of starting a business on your own.

And suddenly, you have a great idea, which you think is a winner.

How do you convert the dream idea to reality?

There’s only one way: LIVE with it.

Live with it by carrying the idea along with you mentally all the time.
Stay focused on it,
experience it.
You may love it or you may doubt it…..
The idea may scare you,
you may have lots of doubts in your mind about the idea,
you can even be a  devil’s advocate…. and so on.
What ever it may be, simply live with it.

Once you have lived with it enough, the idea becomes familiar to you…..
It is not a new idea to you anymore, and you have a fairly good view point of the same.

Now is the time to keep the idea on a Pedestal. Stay away from it, by disconnecting yourself from the idea, and start analysing it as all others would do. Evaluate from the view point of your customers, peers, the industry, competitors, employees, vendors and even your own self.

Idea validation

Suddenly you will find that you are aware of a lot of dimensions which you had not thought of earlier. Also you will be able to find the strengths and flaws of your original idea. Further you will be able to think of improvements to make the idea more powerful as well as realise the limitations you may have to overcome.

In other words, having lived with your idea, and analysed  the same from others’ point of view, you are sure to come up with your own new found ways of communicating and applying it in real time scenario.

In conclusion, even more important than having an idea is to examine it from various angles before  implementing, improving or even discarding.

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The author of this article is Muralidharan Margabandhu

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