This is all about YOU

Welcome to a place
where you are celebrated,
where you are valued,
where you are admired and

a special welcome
if you are a Startup Founder/Co Founder/ Team member
or even a budding entrepreneur.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself
Do you have the Zeal…..
Do you have the passion…..
Do you have the ambition…..
to make a difference to your life, and
to the society or the world at large?

We believe

You have a purpose….. or a calling….. or a vision…..
… be different
to make the world a better place.

You want to serve people, but you are not in social service.
You want to help people, but you want to decide how…..
You are a philanthropist, but may not be a Philosopher.
You want to be Charitable, but
prefer to do it with your own money.

It does not matter whether you are
a techie or not,
experienced or not,
rich or not….
What matters is that you have a dream and
ready to tread the path of entrepreneurship.

Either you are into business, (new or established), Or, you are excited about your plans to start on your own!
Not many dare to do what you are doing or
what you have decided to…..
Would you be excited to get guidance/ support for your startup or wannabe startup?

If yes, call/Whatsapp +91 98410 49588 or
mail to

Enter the world of excitement, learning, challenges, surprises, frustrations, successes
…..and what not…..