Solve Startup Problems

Solve Your Startup Problems

Are you a Startup or Planning 1?

Are you facing a problem on Idea validation?
Are you looking for funds/ Being funding ready?.
How to increase sales of your product or services?

If your answer is YES to any or all of above questions, then find out how you can Benefit from our Power-packed and Practical Workshop for Startup Problems & Solutions. .

The Startup Problems & Solutions program is designed to help existing Startups to understand the real problems behind their problems and it will help want-to-be Startups to know the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them. We can almost guarantee you that this will be highly Beneficial to you if you are 100% committed to working hard on your Idea/ Startup.

We provide hands-on training in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset. Participants will develop competency on Idea validation, Investment/ Funding, Customer Acquisition, Entrepreneurial confidence, and the necessary skills to build startups that solve real problems and are scalable.

The workshop will help you to learn:-

  • Idea Validation – One of the main reasons Startups fail is they don’t know how to validate their idea.and do not find out if it will be commercially viable. This session will be equally valuable for existing Startups as well as those who want to start.
  • Funding – Almost every Startup needs Funding at some stage or the other. However, very few entrepreneurs know what are the various options availabke to them and what is expected from them. Here you will not only learn various avenues available to yu, but you will ba able to understand which is the Best option for you. We will also prepare for you to Fund-ready.
  • Psychology of Success – You surely realise that Startup is not everybody’s ‘Cup of Tea (or Coffee)’ Right? You  know there will be problems and challenges on the way. But do you know ho0w to motivate yourself and your team when things are falling apart in spite of your best effort. Do you know how to handle Frustration, Failures, Rejection, Fear, Lack of support from Family & Friends etc.?  Would you like to know how? Well, we promise you that you will know exactly what to do by the end of the workshop.
  • Sales/ Revenue generation – one of the biggest mistake made by Startups (and even normal Business people) is not understanding the importance of Sales. Everyone knows that ‘Making Money’ is a must for every Business, but many times they forget that the only way to generate revenue is through SALES of their Product/ Service. And even if they understand the importance of Selling, most of them don’t like selling and of course, they don’t know how to sell. In this workshop, you will know the Basics of Sales Process.


Here is a Great News, but before that here is a question – How many times do you come across trainers or coaches with entrepreneurial experience of their own, spanning over three decades, and still in action?

The Startup Problems & Solutions is a proven workshop program that has been developed by 2 of the Best Trainers and Coach –

Mr. Yathiraj Agarwal, Profit Engineer

Mr. Muralidharan Margabandhu, Business Turnaround Expert

We also expect another expert and an Author of an Amazon Best Selling Book written specifically for Startups

Er Santosh G, Author, Mentor and Business Growth Consultant


Who should participate:

This workshop will be highly beneficial & relevant to every Business Owner, but it is a must for

·   Anybody who is planning to start a Business

·   Already started a Business (specially in last 2 years or so)


No. of Participants: Resticted to 10 to 12 Startups alonwith their Co-Founder, Team member and spouse

Program Date           : 22/10/2017

Event time                :    9.30 am to 6.00 pm

Venue                        : Chennai Deluxe Hotel, Koyambedu, Chennai

This is NOT your typical academic course.


Value Proposition:

·  Programme                     – Rs. 14,999/-

·  30 Minutes one to one    – Rs.   5,000/-

·  4 Webinars                      – Rs.   5,000/-

·  Private FB Group             – Rs.  3,000/-

·  Whatsapp group              – Rs.  2,000/-

·  Email support for 30 Days-Rs.  3000/-


Total Value: Rs. 32,999/-  (Thirtytwo Thousand Nine Hundred Ninty Nine Rs. Only)

However, since our Goal is to help existing Startups to become Successful FASTER as well as New Startups to start on the right footing, here is a GREAT OFFER for Fast Action-takers.


BEST OFFER   –   Register by 13th Oct’2017 to attend the workshop at Just Rs. 4999/-

Next BEST OFFER   –   Register by 20th Oct’2017 to attend the workshop at Just Rs. 5999/-

After that, if seats are available, you can still get a Discount of Rs 25,500/- and attend @Rs. 7499/-


Others Benefits/ Offerings:

·  Bring Co-founder/ Colleague/ Spouse @ 50%.

·  Repeat the Program Pan India @ 50% Discount

For more information and/ or Registration, call +91-98410 49588 or mail  NOW