What do you think about Training?

I think it was Og Mandino who said that if we have to learn from our own mistakes, one lifetime is not enough. Hence we need to be smart enough to learn from the experience of other people.
There are many ways to learn from others – Reading Books, Watching Videos or Listening to Audios. However, the Best & the Most Effective method is attending Training Programs.
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Benefit of Training

My Life changed in 1989 when I attended my First PAID Training Program and it was very expensive (INR 3000 in 1989).

I believe that one of the reasons it made a huge impact on me was because I had paid for it with my own hard-earned money. Before that I had attended many programs and since they were all free (for me), I probably did not pay much attention during the program.

The message I got from that training was that the value we receive is directly proportional to the money we invest. What is your opinion?

I would love to hear your experience.

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