Difference between Struggling and Successful Sales People (Contd…)

Do you know why most of the Normal Sales People do not like selling?

It is because whenever they call on their prospects, they face resistance.

Creative Sales Vs Normal 6 corrected

As you can see above, Creative Sales People enjoy Selling because they receive co-operation from the potential customer.

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Difference between Prospects and Qualified Prospects

One Major Secret behind the Success of Creative Sales People is the way they use their time compared to the Normal Sales People. And this is because Normal Sales people do not understand the difference between Prospects and Qualified Prospects. Do you agree?

Creative Sales Vs Normal 5 corrected

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Difference between Struggling and Successful Sales People (Contd…)

Today we are discussing 4th difference. My favourite way of saying this is –
There is a difference of just 1 alphabet between (T)elling and (S)elling, but in reality there is a Huge difference between (T)elling and (S)elling.

Selling is more closer to Listening than Telling.

What is your opinion?

Creative Sales Vs Normal 4 correction

Do you believe that Sales is crucial for Success in Business?

Do you believe Your Attitude towards Selling has an impact on Sales Success?

3rd Difference between Normal & Successful Salespeople

Here we are with the 3rd difference between Normal (Struggling) Sales People and Creative (Successful) Sales people.

Creative Sales Vs Normal 3 corrected

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